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Rubik’s Cube Magic


Starting Saturday August 7th at 2pm!

Rubik’s Cube Magic Class

A 4-week Rubik’s Cube Magic Class for people ages 14 and up. All you’ll need is an Internet connection and a Rubik’s Cube (shipped to you upon enrollment).

Consists of four one-hour sessions over 4 weeks.

A Rubik’s Cube comes with the class!

Read the full Description below for all the details!

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Starts Saturday August 7th at 2pm!!!


Rubik’s Cube Magic

Instructor: Tyler Couch

The ability to solve a Rubik’s cube is amazing in and of itself, but to magically solve the cube in the blink of an eye- this has become a coveted skill among magicians young and old.  This course teaches that skill, and it is exactly that.  There is no gimmicked cube here.  The magical solve happens because of the magician’s skill, and will require diligence and a lot of practice.  If you are ok with the amount of work this will undoubtedly require, then this is the course for you!  (A Cube is included with the course, and it’s  shipped to your door when you register.)

What will I learn?

Actually solving the cube is a pre-requisite to solving via “magic”, so you will learn to do just that.  You will be able to take a randomly mixed cube and solve it.  That alone is a pretty cool thing to learn, but in this course you will also learn how to place the cube in a paper bag and take it right back out solved.  Your instructor, Tyler, will also teach you how to throw the cube behind your back, and catch it in front of your body- solved!

How is the course setup?

Since you first have to learn to solve the cube, the course is taught in four sessions.

In the first session, you will learn how to solve the cube from a randomly mixed up condition.  This is important to know inside-out, because as you are learning to “magically” solve the cube, you will be called upon to reverse a mixed up cube in muggle fashion frequently as you practice the moves required to make it look like magic.

In the remaining sessions, you will learn how to “magically” solve the cube and use it to create a mind blowing magic routine!

About your teacher

Tyler Couch is a recent graduate of Indiana University and has worked part time as a demonstrator at Rich Hill’s Magic and Fun Emporium, but he works full time as an amazing guy.  He’s an accomplished pianist which makes perfect sense when you get to know him.  He also loves roller coasters and plays the Oboe.  Passionate about magic since he was 12, Tyler brings a fresh, real-world take to the art, and his skill with the cube will inspire you to put in the energy required to perfect the Magical Rubik’s Cube Solve!


Class Dates:  4 Saturdays in August – 7th, 14, 21 and 28th

Class Duration: Four 1 hr classes, once a week for 4 weeks.

Class Time:  Saturday 2 PM – 3 PM

Class Location: Virtual using Zoom.

Class Size: Up to 10 students.

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