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Intro to Coin Magic with Nathan Kepner


Class starts January 6 at 6:00 pm!

Instructor: Nathan Kepner of The Crescent Circus

A 4-week Introduction to Coin Magic for people ages 14 and up (Younger with special permission of instructor). All you’ll need is an Internet connection and a set of coins (shipped to you from us!).

Consists of four 90 minute sessions over 4 weeks.

Read the full Description below for all the details!

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This wonderful 90 minute class begins Tuesday January 4th 2022 on Zoom, and runs for four consecutive Tuesdays.

Instructor: Nathan Kepner of The Crescent Circus

Why learn coin magic?

Coin magic serves as a great foundation for all other forms of magic.  Within the simple vanishes, appearances and magical transportations of coins lies a wealth of lessons about sleight of hand, misdirection, audience management, body language and creating magical moments for your audience. Of course, it also looks pretty cool when coins are vanishing and re-materializing in your hands!

What will I learn?

The first course will guide you through multiple ways to make coins disappear, reappear, seemingly melt though other objects and more. To do all of this you’ll learn a few key “sleights” (secret magic moves) and multiple ways to use those sleights in different effects. The material will get you using your hands in ways that might seem unfamiliar at first so it will require some practice, but with a bit of effort you’ll see big results.

How is the course setup?

The intro to coin magic will be a 4 week virtual class that meets once per week for about an hour of instruction and practice. I will also be available via email or Zoom calls throughout the week to answer questions that might arise or help with your progress.

Why learn virtually?

A lot of us magicians learned heavily from books when we were growing up and I strongly encourage everybody to study magic books. Learning magic virtually, however, will have some distinct advantages that will jumpstart your magic (and help you get more out of books in the future). With a virtual teacher, you will be able to get immediate feedback on the smallest nuances to improve your magic. Many of the details that took me hours and hours of standing in front of mirrors to figure out can be imparted to you much more quickly. Of course virtual lessons are just an extra tool for you and not a replacement for practicing in front of a mirror or reading anything that interests you about the art of magic!

The bottom-line is, however, that this is about having fun! We’re in this to have fun learning magic and to have fun with the people we share our magic with!

Class Duration: Once a week on Tuesdays for 4 weeks.

Class Time: 6-7:30 pm

Class Location: Virtual via Zoom.

Class Size: Up to 10 students.